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Types Of Alarm System Residential And Commercial

There are two types of alarm systems, residential and commercial. Over the past 5 years, the features of the two have started to merge. Many of the advanced features that the commercial systems have offered are now available on the residential systems.

We have all seen or heard the commercial alarm system that usually wants to sign you to a self-renewing contract for some low price that includes monitoring. If you want to get more information about commercial alarms then you can navigate to

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Be careful with these offers as they usually do not put contacts on every door and window, but instead use motion detectors and maybe a glass breakage sensor. These are all good but you need more to get a full alarm system.

Alarm features that you should consider:

You should consider putting contacts on all doors and windows so that when one is forced open the alarm will go off. These are hard-wired or use wireless contacts.

  • Motion detectors on every floor along with glass breakage sensors
  • Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide detection sensors
  • Monitoring by the certified alarm monitoring company
  • Systems can now be connected to Wi-Fi cameras in your home, so if you have an alarm both you and the monitoring station can see or hear who is in your house.
  • There are Apps for your iPhone or Android phone that can communicate with your smart alarm system.

Those are some of the very basic and also nice to have features that many of today's alarm systems will offer. Some of these features were only available on commercial systems; however, as the prices have come down and the electronic features increased they were made available for home systems.

Flora Wilson