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Health And Safety Training In An Office in East Anglia

Whilst it is obviously true that office work is safer than working in construction or in a warehouse, health and safety training in an office is still required as employers have a duty to protect staff whilst at work even if the risks aren't that obvious. Health and Safety training in an office is needed as health can be affected over a long-term period and results in cumulative issues rather than a single event e.g. repetitive strain injury or back problems.

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Sitting down all day can be hazardous to your health! As ridiculous as it sounds, it appears to be true as the human body was not designed to be as static as we have now become and people are being injured from being inactive. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you now have a legal duty to provide training and reduce the risks for those sitting down whilst at work. Fortunately, it is not that difficult and is relatively simple to implement.

For staff working on Display Screen Equipment, you need to assess risks and provide training. This can be achieved by completing a Display Screen Equipment assessment that can be either manual e.g. on paper and personal interaction or via an online method.

There are now more laptop and smartphone users than ever before and the overall effects of using this equipment are potential ill-health in later life due to poor posture and constant use of parts of the body that were not designed to be used. A Display Screen Equipment assessment won't solve all the issues but will show that you have met your legal obligation.

Flora Wilson