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What is the Field Service Management Process?

The field service management process is a system that helps businesses manage and dispatch field service technicians. By using this system, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and improve communication between the office and the field.

Field Service Definition

Field Service Management   (FSM) is a term used to describe the administrative tasks associated with managing field service operations. Field service operations are those activities that take place outside of a company's normal place of business, such as at a customer's home or office. 

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FSM software is designed to help businesses streamline their field service operations by automating many of the tasks associated with managing a field service workforce. This includes tasks such as scheduling appointments, dispatch, invoicing, and customer management. 

The goal of FSM software is to help businesses improve their efficiency and profitability by reducing the amount of time and money spent on administrative tasks, and by providing better visibility into their field service operations.


Field service management (FSM) is a critical part of any business that provides goods or services to customers at their location. FSM software helps businesses dispatch field service technicians, track inventory and customer information, schedule appointments, and invoice customers.

A good FSM solution will save your business time and money by improving the efficiency of your field service operations.

Flora Wilson