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Wastewater Treatment – A New Technology Promises Higher Efficiency

New technology in wastewater treatment is available now which promises benefits such as:

* Ensure high purity of the treated water

* Meets all specifications input from large wastewater from industrial/municipal / city. You can also install aerated wastewater treatment system for treat wastewater efficiently.

It has varied applications:

* Smaller size for both industrial and domestic applications.

* Can also be made in standard sizes, skid-mounted form

* Can be easily installed cost-effectively in small houses, individual / small business companies such as car washes, bakeries, restaurants, mini-hotels, etc., and plants for rural areas.

* Can also be installed with Sludge-handling model or models Sludge-absorption for domestic use

* Can be used to facilitate the reuse of water for purposes such as golf courses, toilets, gardening, and even wash.

* Or just release the treated water to recharge groundwater.

Moreover, it is cost-effective to implement small plants using this technology anywhere in the world, with a majority of indigenous materials and in accordance with local standards. This technology has been successfully implemented in many locations.

Wastewater treatment can also be applied to domestic wastewater. The presence of organic, inorganic chemicals, and organisms, both pathogenic and non-pathogenic, making complex domestic wastewater.

Conventional biological treatment systems do not remove dissolved organics and microorganisms satisfactory. Also, the system is not efficient enough to recover water for reuse.

Flora Wilson