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TMJ Symptoms and Causes You Should Know

If you are one of the many people suffering from problems like pain in the jaws and teeth, headache, severe pain in the shoulder or neck, pain in upper or mid-back and foot pain, there is a high probability that you have become victim to a disease called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

The dentist is one of the main types of TMJ specialists, and they may offer you some form of corrective dental treatment as an alternative treatment first. For example, the biting surfaces of your teeth may need to balance, or perhaps that you need to replace the missing tooth to correct your bite.  You can check out the TMJ specialist in dearborn mi via

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What are the options?

Arthrocentesis. It is a simple procedure that involves the extraction of fluid from the joint. The dentist injects a needle into the joint and then irrigates areas in an effort to remove debris and other inflammatory byproducts. Once it has been sufficiently cleaned, he may then either inject lubricant into space to help move along more normal, or steroids to help with healing.

Arthroscopy. This is the slightly more invasive treatment of arthrocentesis, although somewhat similar in the procedure. In this case, the surgeon uses a tiny camera to examine the interior of your jaw joints. Depending on what he finds, he can perform another procedure while he was there, like stitches in your discs if they have moved out of alignment, or remove excessive scar tissue or loose.

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