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The Basics of Small Business Branding in Windsor

You own a small business and you're fine, but recently you discovered that your competition has a slight advantage. Why are you confused? This may have nothing to do with your product or price – the simple fact that they are more memorable than you.

There are two ways to improve your memory. The first is through advertising and marketing and the second is through small business branding strategies. Keep reading this article to learn more about the  best graphic design and branding company in Windsor.

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Today we're going to cover the basics of branding and give you some branding tips you need to know. Before we dive into branding tips, let's tackle a simple question: what is branding? Think of small business branding as a definition of what customers think of your company.

With a good branding strategy, you can easily differentiate your service or product from your competitors and thus gain an edge. Let's use a quick example to clarify. You wake up late one morning and if you don't leave right away, you'll be late for work.

Why did you choose McDonald's? You might think this is because the food tastes great (and can definitely be a part of it), but don't most fast food taste good? Most people don't realize that many of the decisions they make are based on brands.

McDonalds came up with a nice slogan that fits in our head. Besides, everyone over 3 years of age knows what a golden arch is. Small business highlights or a combination of a good slogan and a catchy logo play an important role in the success McDonalds has seen over the past decade.

Flora Wilson