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Overview of Protein Expression

For antibody production, custom antibody services can be purchased at competitive Protein expression describes how proteins are made, modified, and controlled in living organisms. The term protein research can refer to either the subject of the study or the laboratory methods required to make proteins. 

This article will focus on the second meaning of protein expression. Practically, however, recombinant proteins are produced by using cellular machinery. You can choose the best recombinant protein production service online.

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Introduction to Protein Expression

Based on the function of the cell, proteins are synthesized and controlled. The blueprints of proteins are stored in DNA. They are then decoded using highly controlled transcriptional processes to create messenger RNA (mRNA). 

An mRNA code is translated into a protein. Transcription refers to the transfer of information between DNA and mRNA. The translation is the synthesis or modification of a protein sequence determined by mRNA.

The process of transcription, as well as translation, are simultaneous in prokaryotes. Even before the mature transcript of mRNA is synthesized, translation of mRNA begins. 

Coupled transcription and Translation are the simultaneous transcription and translation of a particular gene. The processes in eukaryotes are spatially distinct and happen sequentially. Translation, or protein synthesis occurring in the cytoplasm, takes place in the nucleus.

Proteomics research is generally concerned with any aspect of a protein, such as its structure, function, modifications, or interactions. Researchers need a way to produce (manufacture) functional proteins in order to study how certain proteins regulate biology.

DNA, unlike proteins, is easy to create synthetically or in vitro with well-established recombinant DNA methods. As such, DNA templates can be made from specific genes with or without an add-on reporter sequence or an affinity tag sequence. These DNA templates can be used to create recombinant proteins.


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