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Laws for Buying and Selling Real Estate in Singapore

General Sales Law

The main legal instrument for buying real estate is the Housing Property Act (CPA). For the sale of real estate, the higher laws apply through the Housing Act and the Act on the Sale of Commercial Real Estate. By reading this article you can get the best information about Pullman residences in Singapore and Pullman residences show flat.

Laws for Buying and Selling Real Estate in Singapore

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Laws concerning Buying and Selling Real Estate and Foreign Investment

Applicable law

Foreigners are not allowed to buy all titles of apartments in the building or the approved building without the approval of the Minister of Law. Such applications can be useful if the overseas buyer has permanent residence or qualified professionals who can contribute to the good of the economy.

You are not allowed to buy our limited housing except through a mortgage, fees, or repatriation.

You cannot offer property as a gift to a stranger.

All transactions conducted by foreigners that are contrary to the House Ownership Law are not applicable.

Foreigners can only buy land in Singapore on Sentosa Island.

Legal Restrictions on Buying and Owning Real Estate.

About property, Singapore law favors its citizens, who have the right to buy and own land and homeownership freely.

Purchase and Ownership Restrictions

Singapore businesses, partnerships, and corporations must obtain a permit from a residential real estate manager.

Permanent residents of foreigners, foreign companies, limited partnerships, and corporations have unlimited purchases of residential property, such as:

Any apartment for residential purposes, but not a residential building on top of the property.

Any unit in an approved residential building.

Every executive unit in a project is sold under an executive scheme.

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