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Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Ingrown Hair

Laser treatment is now preferred over all other methods of hair removal due to its effectiveness and speed. Laser treatment should only be performed by an experienced and skilled professional to achieve the best results and safety. 

Laser treatment is popular for removing unwanted body hair, such as those on the underarms, legs, and pubic areas. You can also look at this website for further information about laser hair removal in Windsor.

What is laser therapy?

Laser hair removal therapy uses a focused beam of laser light energy to pass through the skin. It targets dark pigments, known as melanin. Laser light causes permanent damage to the hair follicles, preventing the growth of new hair. The laser doesn't heat or cause any damage to the skin around it.

A comparative study with electrolysis

Another popular method for hair removal is electrolysis. It has been used for over a century. Below are the differences between electrolysis and laser therapy.

Method of treatment – Electrolysis is an invasive procedure in which a needle is used to penetrate the skin. Laser is non-invasive. This method uses only light energy to remove hair.

Time taken – Electrolysis takes longer than laser treatment because it only treats one hair follicle at a time. Laser, on the other side, targets multiple follicles at once and takes less time. A small procedure may only need one session.

Re-treatment – Electrolysis permanently destroys hair follicles. This means that a previously treated follicle cannot be treated again. Laser treatment can cause hair growth to stop after a laser light is applied to the follicle.

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