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Is a Temperature Scanner Accurate?

thermal scanner photo

Temperature scanners are devices used to measure the radiant heat of an object, surface or person. In the case of a person, it can be an indicator as to whether or not a person has a fever. Thought to be largely accurate, some dispute the accuracy of temperature scanners. This is due to it providing only the surface or skin temperature which may not be an accurate representation of a person’s core body temperature. 

For example, on a very hot day, outside weather factors will increase a person’s skin temperature, as would exercise, which would result in a temperature scanner providing a higher reading. This would lead to the false belief of the individual having a fever. 

Temperature scanners are, for the most part, accurate. They can provide fast readings and reset relatively quickly to be used again, simply with the touch of a button. They come in large industrial-scale versions as well as small hand-held versions, making them adaptable to a variety of situations. 

The size of the temperature scanner and its intended application will determine its accuracy. For example, a hand-held device intended to scan objects will not be accurate enough for determining if a person has a fever. Similarly, a medical thermometer will not be suitable for an industrial application, such as food temperature measurements. 

As with all products, temperature scanners can be seen to have both positive and negative attributes. When considering purchasing and using a temperature scanner, the one most appropriate to the task at hand must be obtained. 



Flora Wilson