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Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

Gum disease is a common oral health problem, but in most cases, it is usually overlooked. Dental caries usually cause discomfort when eating or drinking, or it can cause pain that can lead to timely dental treatment.

However, with gum disease, the first symptoms are not easy to spot. People who do not have their teeth checked regularly may only recognize this disease if symptoms worsen. Patients can seek out reputable dentists for effective gum disease treatment.

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Gum disease, or inflammation of the gums, is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, which causes a build-up of harmful bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria cause gum tissue to become inflamed and try to penetrate further into the bones that support the teeth.

If prompt treatment for gingivitis is not sought, the infection can reach the bone, which is an advanced stage of periodontal disease. The size of the gap between the tooth and gum is usually measured to determine the stage of gum disease.

Advanced gum disease can lead to severe tooth and bone loss. The harmful bacteria become aggressive and spread quickly, which can cause other health problems.

When the bone becomes infected, it becomes very difficult to save the tooth and extraction may be the only option left. Regular cleaning of the teeth and gums, prevention of gum injury, and regular dental examinations are all important to maintain oral health and stay away from gum disease.

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