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Different Types of Cement

A cement is a binder, which is a substance used in construction that hardens, sets, and adheres to other materials to bind them together. Cement is rarely used on its own; rather, it is used to bind sand and gravel together. Cement mixed with fine aggregate creates mortar for masonry, and cement mixed with sand and gravel creates concrete. For more information about cement, you can check over here.

Different types of cement:

1. Plain Portland Cement (OPC)

Plain Portland cement, also known as OPC, is a type of cement that is manufactured and used worldwide. It is widely used for all purposes including:

  • Concrete: When OPC is mixed with aggregate and water, it creates concrete, which is widely used in building construction

  • Solution: To connect masonry

  • Plaster: To give a perfect finish to the walls

Ordinary portland cement is also used to make joints, masonry fillers, solid concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks, and various types of cement.

2. Portland Pozzolan Cement (PPC)

To make PPC or Portland pozzolan cement, you need to grind pozzolanic clinker with Portland cement.

PPC has a high resistance to various chemical attacks on concrete. It is commonly used in construction as:

  • Marine construction

  • Sewer work

  • Bridge

  • Dock

  • Dam

  • Bulk concrete work

3. Cement extra fast setting

Ultra-Fast Setting Cement is widely used in cold weather concrete to set cement quickly. It's about 25% faster than quick cement in a day or two. Extra fast bonding cement gains strength more quickly and is obtained by adding calcium chloride to fast bonding cement.

Fast hardening cement is used for structures that need to harden quickly, such as underwater structures and in cold and rainy weather.

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