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Boiler Per Fuel Types

Gas boilers: Gas boilers reliable and achieve more efficiency with built-in technology to maintain smooth operation. This gas burns boiling water which can then be used for various purposes such as heating. We are discussing the fuels used in different boilers. If you are looking for British gas boiler quote visit

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Oil boiler: It is widely used in non-electrified areas or rural households are not connected to the gas network. An estimated 1.5 million British households use oil to heat their homes. It is available in summer only, system and condensing combi.

Kerosene and fuel oil-based Special type of fuel that is most commonly used to run the oil boiler. It achieves great efficiency with a modern condensing boiler with reduced carbon emissions and fewer energy bills.

It worked with a gas boiler, but the only difference that the fuel is stored on-site rather than coming from the grid. fuel used to heat water in the boiler and can then be used for heating or hot water purposes.

LPG boiler: It uses LPG as fuel which serves both hot water and heating purposes. It is widely available and easy to maintain. It is cheaper to install than some green technology.

The type of fuel varies according to field availability but A-rated boiler to achieve efficiencies up to 90% and saves on energy bills of up to 350 years.

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