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Why One Should Drink Tea?

Why drink tea instead of coffee? One reason is communication. You may think that you can meet up for coffee, but the truth is that while drinking coffee it is more difficult to get along with other people, while tea is by nature a friendly drink.

The problem with coffee is simply complacency. When you drink from the nipple fruit, it elevates you above the others you are with. If you want or feel high above the group, coffee is for you. But if you want to connect, go for tea. You can find the best tea house in West Palm via

Coffee will get you in touch with yourself and ignore other people present. His intense drive suits you better if you work alone and don't have to hang out with anyone.

Tea is ideal for actual interactions. You will not be selfish, but you will also consider the needs of society. If you don't believe me, just think: you know "tea parties" but have you ever heard of a "coffee party" fun?

In America, of course, people gather for coffee. But then there is not the same feeling of cohesion. And it's tough and serious when coffee is the focus. Cold, burdened with the difficult task of resurrecting the dead.

The tea is light and cheerful; This is a friendship drink. Tea offers a more informal get-together in a quieter setting. And tea doesn't make ego versus ego in the clash of fears coffee always wants to create.

So next time try socializing over tea and feel the difference. Ideally, invite all your friends over for tea too. Give it a chance and see how things turn out. You will be amazed. You will enjoy your company like never before.

Flora Wilson