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Where Can I Get A Consolidation Loan?

Regardless of where you seek restructuring of your loan, the terms and conditions are generally the same. Make sure that you contact the lender who currently holds your loan on this matter.

If you have all the credits through a single lender, you need to combine them with him. To know more about debt consolidation you can also visit

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Make sure that you only choose to do this when you are not going back to school and apply for fresh loans before deciding on the consolidation.

This way you can try to ensure that you will achieve the best deal of consolidation. Normally, the interest rate does not differ among lenders but you can achieve prompt payment through some of their rebate. Some will even offer discounts to get the right to debit your monthly payment account.

During the 6-month grace period, the student loans can be merged at any point, or once you start to pay the loan. You can attain a lower interest rate if you get a consolidation loan within the grace period.

However, it is a good idea for you to wait until you reach your fifth grace period of months and then consolidate your loans. In this way, you will not lose the remaining grace period. It takes about 30-45 days for the entire consolidation process to get completed.

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