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What Makes A Good Data Center?

One of the most important questions to ask when selecting a data center is what makes it a good fit for your business. Some factors to consider include: the size of the facility, location, access to transportation and utilities, climate control and security, and room for future growth. You can find the Raleigh data center in Chapel Hill via Here are some questions to ask when evaluating a data center:

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1. What size facility will accommodate my current needs? 

2. Can I see the facility in advance? This will help you assess the layout and see if there are any areas that might be difficult or impossible to access. 

3. Does the facility have potential for expansion? 

4. Is the facility situated in a desirable location? 

5. How easily can I get to my existing infrastructure (such as telecommunications and power)? 

6. Are there any restrictions on who can access the facility (such as fire codes)? 

7. What security measures are in place (including surveillance cameras)? 

8. What type of heating and cooling system is installed? 

9. What renewable energy sources are used? 

10. What kind of environmental policy does the data center have in place? 

Many large data centers are located in environmentally sensitive areas. If you intend to locate your facility in an environmentally sensitive area, be sure to investigate what impact the facility will have on neighbors and the surrounding community.

Contracting with a data center

1. What are the most important factors to consider when contracting for data center services? 

2. Are there any specific steps I should take to ensure the quality of my data center service? 

3. What are some common questions I should ask my potential data center provider?



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