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What Is The Live Lobster In Portland?

The Live Lobster Portland is a seafood delivery company that specializes in live lobster. They offer delivery to the Portland area, and they also have a restaurant where you can order live lobster dishes. 

The Live Lobster Portland was started by two friends who wanted to provide great seafood delivery to the Portland area. They are experts on live lobster, and they know how to cook it properly. 

Their restaurant is known for its excellent live lobster dishes. You can also browse online resources or online websites to find more information about the live lobster in portland oregon.

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Whether you are looking for something special for dinner or just want some delicious seafood delivered to your door, the Live Lobster Portland is the perfect option. They have a large variety of seafood, and they also have live lobster dishes. 

Some of their most popular dishes include:

Raw Bar – This is the best-selling dish at the restaurant. It contains a variety of oysters, clams and scallops. You get to choose how many oysters you want to receive, and the number of scallops, clams and oysters will vary depending on your options. This dish is great for people who do not like plain steamed seafood because it has an enticing variety of flavors that make it smoky and delicious.

Lobster Bisque – This classic soup is made with lobster meat and cream. It is served in a large bowl, so you can always bring it to a potluck or family gathering. 

Classic Lobster Roll – This is one of the most popular dishes at Maine Lobster Company. It has lobster meat, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato in a split-top bun. This sandwich is very tasty and great for lunchtime snacks or drinks with friends.

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