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Wallpaper – Why it is Better Than Paint For Adding Value to Your Home

In our current economic condition, homeowners desire to make enhancements to their homes, rather than taking a loss in the present housing market.

Many people add wallpaper to list their home repair not only because of the variety of designs and colors are available, but for the value, it adds to their homes.

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You buy and install the wallpaper once every 15-25 years. Paint must be reapplied many times during this same time period, costing more in the cost of materials and labor.

If you need to make improvements, it is very easy to do with wallpaper. Following a few simple steps:

1. With a utility or craft knife, just cut a piece of wallpaper from the leftovers that have been saved from your project.

2. Place the piece you just cut over an area torn when trying to match a wallpaper pattern.

3. Once the design is matched, make sure it is stored securely in place. Blue security ribbon works great for this.

4. Trace the rest of the wallpaper edges with a utility or craft knife, cut out the damaged wallpaper in the process.

5. Remove the rest of the wallpaper cutout and moisturize the damaged area with water to loosen the adhesive for removal.

6. Clean and prep the surface of the wall where the new piece of wallpaper will be added.

7. Apply the adhesive to the wall covering, new wallpaper and carefully place it on the wall, making sure to line up the pattern.

Flora Wilson