Use Of FDA drug label For Marketing

When a medication is approved by the FDA for a particular usage, pharmaceutical companies are only permitted to advertise the drug for this use. Any medication could be prescribed by a physician for any usage, such as applications not described in the approved labeling. You can know more about the genuine benefits of the FDA drug label from the link

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There are different kinds of drug labels. And one of them is an off-label drug.

Basically, Off-label medication use has made an association with the issue of off-label advertising. Although off-label advertising was deemed illegal by the FDA, which has not stopped drug companies from forcing their drugs for applications that have not been accepted. All it's done is force drug companies to come across a more tricky method to solicit their advice.

Rather than revealing TV commercials advertising other applications, they now go right to the source that prescribes their medication, the physicians. By way of instance, Eli Lilly has been accused of promoting its naturopathic drug Zyprexa to treat dementia. 

An excerpt from a post at Medical New Today; "It's been reported that a US attorney handling the suits of mentally ill patients receives inner marketing records belonging to Eli Lilly that supposedly contain evidence of a longstanding effort to influence physicians to prescribe Zyprexa to get non-approved usage, especially to older patients with dementia".

Medicines don't get tested and don't get approval for all accessible applications to extend the patent life of medication. When a patent for exclusive advertising rights for a specific medication runs outside, the drug company simply assesses it for yet another similar usage and extends the patent life to earn more cash.

Flora Wilson