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Trauma, Healing and The Therapeutic Relationship

Trauma and Healing

It was not until recently that psychological trauma is clearly defined and understood as the main problems in the normal functioning of an individual. Trauma was first recognized when people returned from the First World War with complaints of nightmares, flashbacks and broke down on the field during the battle. You can get trauma counseling online at

It was not until then that the psychological trauma associated with abuse and other situations and events that can lead to trauma now called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was only in the last twenty years that actually the trauma has been studied and known by physicians and the public.

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Similar symptoms of PTSD was first recognized by Freud as the basis for what is called hysteria. While Freud admitted the origin of hysteria in the publication of The Etiology of Hysteria as derived from child abuse, he immediately stopped his search. War and Trauma

What Does Trauma Look Like?

Trauma can take many forms or develops and manifests itself in many ways including, but not limited to physical instability, mental, and emotional, sleep disorders, have an impact on self-esteem, psychosomatic complaints, the need for emotional numbing, hyper-arousal, explosions and aggressive behavior, separation, memory changes, feelings of helplessness, all the memories are emotionally intense, vivid and real, so it mimics the actual event and the overall effect of interaction with the outside world. 

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