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Top Things To Do For Your Bathroom Makeover In Perth

With rental homes, bathrooms tend to be plain and outdated. Are you looking to spruce up yours? While a complete overhaul is out of the question, there are simple and practical touches you can add to turn the space from drab to fab. You can also get the best bathroom makeovers services in Perth.

Storage accessories

Bathroom in rental apartments seldom come with built-in storage. Mount shower caddies or shelves against the walls, so you will have something to hold your toiletries, candles, or scented oils. Just make sure the ones you pick out are suction-cupped, tension-mounted, or silicone-glued. This way, you are assured the tile will not be damaged.


Look for a cover-up, heavy-duty appliques, or stickers that can be applied to tiles, in case the wall surface is decked in not-so-attractive patterns. Most require just peeling off the paper backing and pressing them into place. The removing process is easy, just heat each section for a few minutes using a hairdryer.

Freestanding furniture

Since you cannot incorporate any permanent installations, go for freestanding furniture. Depending on the floor area, you can add a bathroom stool, chair, cabinet, or chest. Besides being functional, such additions can make the space feel homey, cozy, and luxurious. But remember to select only waterproof pieces, as steam and moisture can damage uncoated surfaces.

From window treatments to storage and comfort add-ons, there are various ways to jazz up your rental bathroom and disguise any of its imperfections. Just do not forget to review the lease rules before beginning your makeover. Remember, there is no need to fight against the tide, with a little resourcefulness and creativity, you can work around any obstacle.

Flora Wilson