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Tips For Buying A Men’s Blazer

Buying a men's blazer can be a daunting task as an ill-fitted blazer can not only spoil the grace of the entire look but can also cost a loss on the money you spent on it. Hence, it is important to pick a perfect sport coats & blazers that can go well with different sweaters, shirts, and t-shirts.

Here are a few tips to buy it, take a look:

-The most important thing with blazers is the measurement. Thus, one should be clear with the physical measurements, for that, use a measuring tape and measure under the arms and then across the shoulder blades.

The resultant measurement would be the corresponding size of the blazer. For example, 40 inches would signify the need for a size 40 blazer.

-Single breast and double breast are the two main types of blazers available in the market. Double breast blazers have their own unique appeal but single breast blazers are the most versatile in terms of style. One can easily team it up with either of the semi-formals, formals, or casuals.

-While buying a blazer make sure that you pick a color that goes well with a maximum number of your dress shirts, sweaters, and trousers. Shades like black, navy blue, and gray are safest to buy.

-Fabric of the blazer is again an important consideration. Wool and tweed blazers are the most popular choices but then, one can find suede and cotton blazers as well. Few of these are washable while others need to be dry-cleaned. Label instructions are important to read before buying a blazer.

Flora Wilson