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These are the Misconceptions about Indonesia You Should Learn


Indonesia is one of the best and finest countries in the world that is capable of attracting tons of tourists from across the globe. However, these are misconceptions about this country that is being widely spread across the globe. For instance; due to either lack of knowledge or evidence there are a few who think this country is not worth visiting. If you decide to travel to Indonesia, then learn about these misconceptions and you will understand why.

  1. Being an Islamic Country – When it comes to religion, majority of the Indonesians belong to the Muslim religion. However, this does not define you the entire picture about Indonesia. Apart from the Muslim community there are 6 more religions local practice and follow.
  2. Indonesia is in Bali – Bali is one of the best destinations in the world that is always flocked with tourists. The one misconception people have is they believe that Indonesia is in Bali based on the geography. However, it is the other way around where Bali belongs to one of the provinces of Indonesia.
  3. Locals only Wear Conventional Clothes – Another wide misconception about Indonesia is that Indonesians only wear traditional clothes. Now some part of this is true because women belonging to the Muslim community are required to cover their body. But there are others who wear western clothes that do not belong to the Muslim community.

These are some of the misconceptions about Indonesia one should know before traveling. However, before you start your journey, you should consider getting the best package for Indonesia tour.

Flora Wilson