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Tenant Improvement Costs In Vancouver

Property managers, building owners, asset managers and new tenants should be concerned about tenant improvement costs. Depending on the circumstances, one party may pay for the cost of improving any space, or two. 

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A landlord and a tenant may agree to split the cost of renovations in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. It is crucial to know the costs of tenant improvements before you sign a lease or renovate your commercial property.

Many tenants want to renovate the space they are renting when they sign a lease. This type of renovation could include new carpeting, paint, electrical work and major or minor remodels. 

Before you sign a lease, ensure that you have a clear understanding about what renovations will be required, who will pay for them, and the associated costs.

You should also find out the exact costs. A general contractor with years of experience in estimating such jobs is a good choice. Hidden costs can make a seemingly simple project expensive and complicated.

The following are the basic tenant improvements costs: 

* Construction Costs

* Costs of Architectural Construction

* Permit costs

Asset managers and new tenants often overlook some important items that can significantly increase the cost of tenant improvements:

* Electrical Work

* Plumbing repairs, relocations and additions

* Mechanical issues such as HVAC

* Deferred maintenance or out of date equipment

* Flooring and Paint.

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