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What are the benefits of using wood-plastic composite?

Wood-plastic composite (WPC), is a combination of thermoplastic and wood fiber that creates a durable material for construction projects. 

This versatile material can be used for a variety of purposes, including doors, windows and fencing, decking, and flooring. Let's look at some of the most appealing qualities of this material.

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Composite Decks

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It is highly water-resistant due to its ability to mix thermoplastic with wood fiber. It is, therefore, suitable for outdoor use. It can be used to build fences and decks, as well as benches and tables that are outdoors.


This material is extremely durable and strong and can withstand all weather conditions. It also requires very little maintenance. This material is less attractive than 100% timber and requires less maintenance. This material is also more durable than painted timber and can be used for exterior products like wall cladding.


The life expectancy of wood-plastic composite is very high. It is able to withstand all weather conditions including rain, sunlight, wind, and bright sunshine. It is a great choice for outdoor fencing due to its long life span. This material will last much longer than timber-based fencing, which naturally begins to fall after 8-10years.


This material is slip-resistant and can be used for many purposes. This material is a reliable choice for installing floor decking around an outdoor pool. It can also be used for patio decking.

Choose from a variety of colors-

You can color this material at the manufacturing stage. This permanent coloring effect will last much longer than applying paint to timber fencing or cladding.