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Does Shungite Provide EMF Protection?

Shungite is famous for its benefits should as a healing stone, but is it capable of EMF protection? There are many products available on the market that contain Shungite and claims to block EMF radiation, but there is skepticism about how well Shungite can provide EMF protection when there is a lower carbon content.

Tests have confirmed that the Shungite able to really absorb and neutralize EMF radiation harmful frequencies. However, it is believed that this ability comes from the inside Shungite fullerene. You can also check out online sources to get information about shungite stone for sale.

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The fullerenes are only found in True Shungite which has a carbon content of 90% or higher, thus lowering the quality of the product Shungite will not provide the same level of protection EMF.

The best way to test whether a product is able to provide EMF protection is to test it yourself. However, this would require EMF radiation meter and a knowledge of how to use it. If this is not practical, then the best option is to consider buying products Shungite high carbon content, such as Shungite 1 and 2.

A common way to utilize this Shungite EMF blocking property is by buying a wearable like a necklace or pendant. It can be worn all the time or when you know you will be exposed to EMF radiation.

The other method is to buy products Shungite that can be placed near the source of radiation. This includes small plates that can be placed Shungite in case the phone or pyramid Shungite placed near a device such as a laptop, router, or computer.