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About Scaled Agile Training

Scaled Agile Framework is a great option. SAFe was created in 2011. It’s developed for big and complex enterprises that still want to take advantage of agile methods.

SAFe provides an opportunity to scale agile, by marrying the iterative development practices of agile with the mindset of Lean manufacturing. Lean thinking aims at using fewer resources and eliminating waste to maximize customer value. You can visit to get more knowledge about scaled agile training.

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Many enterprises have taken agile methods into use especially in their IT operations. While this is great, surviving in today's fast changing world requires more. Becoming a truly lean and agile enterprise is the best bet for any organization aspiring to succeed. 

SAFe drives faster time to market, an increase in productivity and quality, and also higher customer engagement. A core benefit of SAFe is that it not only provides alignment between teams, but also to all levels of the enterprise that are involved in solution development: Team, Program, Large Solution and Portfolio. As a result, there is greater visibility and alignment across the organization.

The SAFe framework also ensures that everyone from upper management to individual agile teams share the same vision and goal, thus making the enterprise focus on the most important topics at hand.