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Know About an Offset Barbecue Smoker in Australia

There are three basic kinds of BBQ smokers. The Offset Smoker, the Vertical smoker, and the kettle type of smoker. Vertical smokers only have one chamber and the fire is located in the lower part of the chamber, and the meat is hung on racks that hang over the flame. A kettle-type smoker is one you might already own, it is the most common kind of smoker.

A smoker with offsets has two chambers. The first is known as the firebox. The other is known as the smoke chamber. The two are offset from each other. This is the reason it is known as an Offset Smoker or Offset cooker. You can click on to buy offset smokers in Australia.

offset smoker

The firebox is on an end from the appliance and is the place the area where the charcoal or wood fire is made. The heat and smoke flow through the firebox to the smoke chamber, which is also called the cooking chamber, then the smoke is blown around the meat, and then out the chimney.

The majority of offset cookers are pictured as a huge drum with its sides on the side, with an open lid that is hinged into it, with a tiny smokestack chimney rising out from the top. This is the smoke chamber. To one side and slightly lower than the chamber, is the firebox that is usually an elongated metal box that is connected to the side however, it could also be a drum made of metal. 

The firebox is generally smaller than the smoke chamber.