Get The Scoop On Dog Poop

Not much argument anymore about the problems with the droppings that dogs leave behind. Many cities have introduced legislation covering this issue and severe fines are possible if you're prosecuted for violating these laws.

The question now becomes what is the ideal method to manage this dilemma? Can there be a sanitary approach to pick the dog up waste and perhaps even a method that's not too unpleasant? You'll be amazed at the tools and techniques that have been designed to deal with this dilemma. Everything from dog litter bags to big pooper scooper for dog is readily available.

If you are not a dog owner you might decide that all this dog mess is just another planet pollution problem. Before you write off dog owners as uncaring polluters please keep in mind that many of them spend lots of money and effort to clean up after the family dog.

For people who don't enjoy getting too near to dog poop, there are various long managed devices which are readily available in the market. One such apparatus has two short handles with extended fork tangs rakes in the conclusion.

The handles are fastened together so you can squeeze the grips together and scoop the material and empty it into a tote. This is a two handed system that would likely be best suited to picking up falling around the lawn and wouldn't be taken while walking the dog.

Another gadget is 27 inches long with a spring loaded handle at one side and a shovel in the far end. This gadget can be used with a single hand. Squeeze the handle that opens the spade and a fast sweep completes the occupation.