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Packing and Moving Tips From a Professional Organiser

Running a home is incredibly stressful and exhausting. Here are some tips to help you cope:

• Accept assistance from anyone who offers. Where possible, ask your close relatives and friends to help pack and/or move. It will mean doing them a favor, but it will almost certainly be worth it!

• Choose a reputable, reliable removalist in Bribie Island, preferably by verbal recommendation. You need someone who arrives on time, and who will be careful not to damage your belongings or your home.

• Do as much packing as possible before the week of walking.

• If possible, arrange an overlap of 2-3 days in the occupancy of both the houses. This means that you and your assistant can move a lot of things by car and trailer to the new home in that time. Doing so can save you the expense of hiring a remover, and it eliminates the pressure of moving everything on a busy day.

• For a few days before and after walking, give yourself a rest in the kitchen. Have a few takeaway meals to save time and allow you to pack most of the contents of your kitchen cupboards.

Packing Equipment:

• Bulk pack of good quality packing tape

• Packing Tape Gun

• Marker pens for labeling boxes

• Sturdy bin bags for things like duvets and larger soft toys

• Large roll of bubble wrap for delicates

• sticky tape

• Sack Truck

• A stack of newspapers for wrapping plates, glassware, etc.

• Two caches for carrying the contents of your fridge and freezer on the go

• Wardrobe Box – Available from major removalist companies (you don't need to be removalists). These are great for packing clothes hanging straight from wardrobes. Your clothes won't spoil and can be hung in your new home without ironing. You can also pack big, weird stuff around the edges, like picture frames, stick-shaped anything.