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How To Shape Your Body With Bariatric Surgery In Singapore?

Nowadays a lot of men and women are suffered from obesity. Over-weighted men and women generally feels really miserable.

Additionally, in most cases controlled and exercise diet isn't sufficient to control obesity and fat loss. Bariatric surgery is a medical process that's done to create an over-weighted individual back in the shape. You can also choose weight loss procedures in Singapore with surgical & non-surgical methods.

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You need to find Bariatric surgery hospitals, offering the ideal remedy as well as the finest services with modern equipment and technology.

The basic principle of bariatric surgery is, it limits the food intake & absorption rate in the stomach and intestines. This surgery completely changes the digestion process of food.

The actual digestion process starts when food is chewed with saliva and other secretions in the mouth.

The food reaches the stomach and broken down to nutrients and calories once it is mixed with digestive juices. Digestion becomes much faster when food gets into the duodenum where unites with bile and pancreatic juices.

There are basically four Bariatric surgeries which include Adjustable Gastric banding, Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-gastric bypass, and Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch. These are four surgeries that have their own advantages, each surgery suits to different Body mass index.

There are a number of best bariatric surgery hospitals providing the facilities of above four surgeries to obesity or overweighted patients.