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Sponsorship In Australia – How To Take Your Business Skills To Australia

If you are looking for sponsorship in Australia, did you know that you can immigrate to Australia if you are a thriving business owner under the age of 55? Referred to as a Country / Territory Sponsor for Business Skills Applicants, this visa is a special category for successful business people and allows temporary or sponsored entry to Australia. So, how easy would it be to bring your business skills to Australia?

This sponsorship category is a slightly more flexible visa that can be used by governments in various states and territories to attract and sponsor foreign companies. Sponsorship Australia via is a way to encourage business owners to set up businesses in low-growth populations and regional areas to take advantage of increased affluence, as well as competitive trade and additional services for the Australian economy.

How to Get Australian State Sponsorship visa

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To apply for state/territory sponsorship if you are over 45 but younger than 55, you can bring established business skills to Australia if you can demonstrate:

  • You can demonstrate a successful business career
  • that you have 30-51% in one or more companies
  • that you have had a minimum annual turnover of $ 300,000 in store for 2 of the last 4 years
  • that you have been in the sustainable business for at least 4 years prior to applying
  • that you can demonstrate leadership skills at a high level

Sponsorship in Australia is offered through categories other than business skills candidates only. It is possible to find work for a certain period of time before you can start your own business in Australia.