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Get Detailed Information About halal Food

Everyone has heard of halal meat and may see fast food or butchery in the commercial street corner. Maybe you always ask yourself what halal meat, but never had the opportunity to find out or taste it. Actually, there is no great flavor difference compared to normal meat. What distinguishes halal meat from other types of meat is a series of rules applied to it, which must be respected by all Muslims, for Halal, traditionally, Islamic food. You can find halal Meat & poultry in Souq International Market.

Halal is a word that comes from Arabic and that means "legitimate" or "legal", and according to Islamic law, it defines what is allowed to be used or involved. You may have heard about restrictions on food applied by Islam religion, so if we refer to food, halal is the food allowed to eat. This term is widely applied to a series of products, but is most commonly used in relation to meat.

The rules that function to define this type of food are determined in the Koran, and each Muslim respects them word by word. Foods that are explicitly prohibited are pigs or pigs, blood, animals that are dead before being slaughtered, dead animal carcasses, all meat where God's name is not pronounced before the massacre and even prey. The rules of Muslim diet are very strict and food that is in accordance with this rule receives documents stating that he obeys sharia law.

The way animals must be slaughtered and the law of cutting animals is called dhabihah. It is said that animals must be slaughtered with a fast and deep part of the neck, thus cutting jugular veins and carotid arteries from both parties. The spinal cable and nervous system will not be affected, but the goal is blood slowly flowing before the animal dies. Other steps, such as shocking animals, are prohibited and seen severely, because traditional cutting methods come from Islamic wisdom taught by the Prophet Muhammad.