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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Glass Pool Fence In Sydney

Glass pool fences are an ideal option to ensure the utmost safety while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. It is often deemed as a necessity, especially if you have small kids around the pool. When you are thinking about installing a swimming pool glass railing, one of the main things to consider is what type of glass is needed.

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Here are a few reasons why pool glass railings are important:

• Improve the look of your garden

• Offers pool view

• Ensure pool safety for pets and children

• Low maintenance effort

• It is durable and reliable

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Here are three factors to consider before installing a swimming pool glass railing:

1. Height and width

Typically, the ideal height for residential glass railings for swimming pools is 1200 mm. However, like the thickness, you can adjust it to your design and taste needs. Half frame glass railings are typically between 1600 mm and 1800 mm wide, while frameless glass installations are between 1800 mm and 1900 mm wide.

2. Thickness

The standard thickness of glass panels for swimming pools is between 6 mm-12 mm, but can be modified and adjusted up to 18 mm thickness.

3. Australian Standard

Please note that the glass pane you select complies with Australian standards and must bear the Australian standard conformance mark. These are the types that are usually made and manufactured using the latest technology and equipment.