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Get Smarter with Vegan Diet

If physical benefits, ethics, and the environment of a meat-free diet are not convinced that veganism is a worthwhile commitment, then consider that herbivores have a higher IQ than omnivores. According to an 8179 study conducted by the subjects at Southampton University, men and women who do not eat meat have higher IQ scores 5 points on average than their omnivorous counterparts.

The study also showed that children with high IQs tend to adopt and maintain a strict meat-free diet as young adults. You can check out vegan-friendly restaurants online.

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Many omnivores’ parents are concerned and annoyed when their child announces commitment to veganism. After all, feeding a vegan child may involve preparing new dishes, incorporating new foods into the family diet, and researching on the internet to find vegan-friendly restaurants.

Just remember that this inconvenience will ultimately prove valuable as research shows that children who eliminate meat from their diet are more likely to develop into smart and healthy adults.

It is also interesting to consider that some of the most brilliant people in history have advocated a meat-free diet. There is documentation that Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Mark Twain, and Thomas Edison did not consume meat products. A more comprehensive list of influential herbivores can be found by searching the internet.