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Foundation Of Waffle Pod System

Ever wondered about the piles of foam blocks stored on construction sites? They are called waffle pods and are a key element of one of the most common types of foundation for homes.

The waffle pod slab style is arranged in a grid so that there is space between each pod. Steel reinforcement is placed in these spaces. Reinforcement is also applied around the edges and at the top of the entire installation.

When concrete is poured into the waffle modules, the space between each pod becomes a very strong rib. These ribs add strength and consistency to the waffle board, providing a solid foundation for the new home.

It is this arrangement of ribs and pods that gives this system its name – if you look at any of the plates below, they look like waffles! The thickness of the waffle plate as well as the size of the ribs and edge blades around the outside of the plate can be changed according to the technical requirements. 

Heavy concrete supports can also be poured under the ceiling at certain points if additional support is required due to local conditions of the site. The waffle system enables more precise determination of the amount of concrete, reduces waste and increases construction site efficiency. Compared to other tile printing methods, waffle pods create a more consistent and predictable base for your home.

The system can also have less impact on the environment – less disturbance to the soil and no debris being excavated from trenches to be moved off-site. Waffle pads also provide significant underplate insulation. This can increase the thermal comfort of the new home. This system is a fantastic innovation in modern construction and saves homeowners time and money.