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What Are The Platforms Of Energy Management?

Building energy management is important to help reduce your energy bill. By understanding how your house or building uses energy, you can make adjustments to save money and protect the environment.

Energy management is an important part of building effective and efficient structures. For more details on energy management you can also go to

When it comes to managing energy, there are three main platforms from which to work: the utility, the occupant, and the designer.

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Utilities are responsible for delivering power to consumers. They have a large database of energy consumption and production data that they use to make predictions and plan for the future. 

Occupants are the people who live in and use a building. They have a unique perspective on energy consumption because they are constantly interacting with it. This includes things like turning lights off when they leave a room, using the air conditioning when it’s hot outside, or turning off appliances when they’re not in use. 

Designers are responsible for creating an environment that is both comfortable and efficient. They need to take into account things like climate controls, lighting, and furniture arrangements. 

Energy auditors are responsible for making sure that buildings are being used as efficiently as possible. They look at the data gathered by occupants and designers and use this information to review the buildings.

An energy auditor might ask an occupant or designer questions about how they interact with energy-consuming systems, like lighting and climate controls, in their building. 

For example, a person could ask if there is a specific time of day when everybody turns off the lights in their office or if people tend to leave lights on after hours because they forgot to turn them off before leaving work. 

Either way, the auditor can use this information to understand how much energy is being consumed from each system and where it all comes from. The auditor will also look for opportunities to reduce energy use or shift it to sources that are more sustainable.