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Today's sales team finds it increasingly difficult to reach B2B buyers. Cold calling response rates are dropping every year. According to a Kelly Research Center study, only 1% of cold phone calls convert into appointments.

Although cold calling is not an effective way to reach B2B executives, it is still very common. Why? Many sales organizations continue to use the same "proven" methods of the past rather than developing a digital sales strategy.

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Cold calls: 

Many of the best sales practices are still being taught today are part of The Solution Selling(r). This methodology focuses on customer pains and helps to create a solution. This proven method has been a success for companies since its inception in 1988. However, there are many components that don't work in today's digital customer-centric marketplace.

Solution Selling(r) states that a discovery call or cold call should be your first contact with a prospect. However, in today's digital world, your prospect has completed 57% of their buyer journey before you reach out to them.

B2B sales strategies that deliver result:

Sales strategy must go beyond selling solutions to be successful in today's B2B sales environment. It must also demonstrate unique value. Sales reps must demonstrate to customers that they can help them solve their problems.

Marketing and Sales Alignment:

It is more important than ever to develop a strategy for sales that focuses on sales and marketing alignment, as prospects increasingly go online to research products before engaging with sales. Sales and marketing must be closely aligned to increase your chances of reaching B2B executives.