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Unique Cottage House Plans For Modern Living

The term "cottage" is a dwelling characterized by a rectangular shape between 700 and 900 feet square, simple yet attractive design, simple roofline, and set in a small parcel of land. 

Architecture and design are closely related; the main difference between them is really about which way we face. Architecture faces strategy, structure, and purpose, towards the abstract. Design faces towards implementation and practice, towards the concrete. Cottage-style architecture is celebrated for its simple design, coziness, and ability to weather the passage of time.

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Cottages are easy to clean which cuts down on housework and gives more leisure time. Cottages are cozy – everything is right at hand and all in all, cottage living encourages a lifestyle of simplicity, freedom from accumulated possessions, and more interactions between the inhabitants. 

All cottages are similar in feeling, every cottage owner makes unique cottage house plans for him or herself depending upon interests, hobbies, and tastes. 

In keeping with the earth-friendly lifestyle, much cottage living takes place (at least in summer months) outside, on a back patio or deck. 

Sitting in a restful chair beneath the blue sky, with an icy drink in hand, listening to the birds singing and the wind whispering in the trees, is a sensation that the wealthiest city dweller never knows.

Country-style house plans will become more popular as city living grows unbearable and as people prefer unique cottage house plans designed for feeling good rather than making an impression.