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Refrigerated Trailers – Functions and Uses

From the name, it is clear to see that the main function of a refrigerated trailer is to transport perishable goods and get them to the required location without having to worry about them getting spoiled. These items are usually stored in the refrigerator at the rear of the trailer. This refrigerated trailer either be made to include all or single cargo space. There is also a custom cool room made to suit every individual business need.

This means that the entire cargo space will be maintained at a temperature and humidity levels and even with differences that only come if there happens to be a division in any area. As stated previously, the refrigeration can take the whole cargo space; however, this may prove to be quite expensive, especially if the entire space is not utilized. 

This occurs when cargo transported only fills a certain part of the cargo space. This will create a negative effect on the heat sink due to a lot of tension, increased fuel usage, increased transportation costs and also increased cooling time standards for perishable goods. This under-utilization of the refrigerated section is known to be the cause of reduced life span of the unit.

In addition, to transporting perishable goods, these refrigerated trailers come in very handy in the transport of goods that do not necessarily perishable, but those that go bad quite easily when exposed to warm temperatures. A good number of areas in the different parts of the country quite often have warm seasons.

This means that most of the food being transported would go bad before reaching their destination. This situation is usually compounded in the trailer because the metal material used to build a cargo trailer section conductors of heat and therefore will retain a lot of heat when passing the hot spot.

One major difference between a refrigerated trailer used to transport food and one is used to transport medical courier is the fact that the latter is often quite small. A large amount of food transported across the country need to be stored in a cool environment. Trailer differ in their cooling temperature, you will find some that have been somewhat cool units while others go below freezing temperatures. It is particularly suitable for the transportation of foods such as fish that need to be stored on ice.