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All about Buying Antique Lamps

There are two types of antique porcelain lamps: oil lamps and electric lamps. It all depends on the time they were made and what market they were sold to. Many of these antique lamps can be described as oil-burning lamps. 

Most oil lamps that are well-known have a large globe at the bottom and a smaller one at the top. These lamps are decorative and have both globes painted with floral designs. If you are looking to buy antique lamps, then you can visit

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Although they are a traditional table lamp design, electric antique porcelain lamps are well-known for their painted patterns and designs on either one or both globes. 

You can find a variety of antique lamps on the Internet, in antique shops, and sometimes at yard or garage sales. These lamps can be plain or fancy, electric or oil-based, and they are a beautiful addition to any room or home.

The banker's lamp is one of the most popular types of antique lamps. A banker's lamp is usually made of a brass pot and a blue or green glass shade. The green shades are more common today in reproduction lamps, while the blue shades were just as common in the original.

Designers today love antique porch lamps. They were originally used in carriages and not on porches. Most carriage lamps were made from brass, wrought metal, or wood and were mounted on sidewalls or doors to the carriage. 

Because of their sturdy construction, the carriage lamps are well-suited for modern uses as porch lights. They can be found mounted on either side of the door.