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Tips for Self Publishing a Book

You can learn a lot of self-publishing book tips that can help you achieve great success. Many of the most successful tricks and tips require a deep understanding of human nature as well as lots of creativity. Book self publishing will sell a lot better if you focus on one problem.

This is an age-old trick that has been a success for decades. Your book will be more successful if you focus on a nagging problem. Another great technique from the publisher's arsenal is to create publicity for the book that you self-publish long before its release. 

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The idea is to create a buzz in the media that will cause people to sit up in anticipation of the release of your book. This is one of the favorite tricks employed by Hollywood to market films, and they should be no reason why it will not work just as well for the book you are self-publishing.

Another trick is to choose a book title that will be readable by all. There is no harm in changing your title if it doesn't work. Publishers often repackage books that don't sell well by giving them a new title. This has been proven to work in many cases and it is worth considering if your book does not sell initially.