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How To Plan A Makeover Birthday Party In Barrie?

If you are looking for a fun opportunity to bond with your pre-teen or teen daughter, a makeover birthday party is perfect. A makeover party for girls lets her spend the evening with you and her friends.

Planning Your Makeover Party

The first step in planning your party is to decide the activities. With younger girls, you could keep things more age-appropriate by doing manicures and pedicures. You can also choose a package from the internet like Glama Gal Tween Spa for kids in Barrie.

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Skincare, including fun mud masks, is also another option for the younger ladies. Of course, these options are also great for older teens, but you can make the activities more in-depth. You can try facials and complete makeovers.


If you are going to let the girls use cosmetics at the party, you should get permission from the parents of the girls involved. Go for the hypoallergenic makeup to help prevent skin reactions. If you are providing the makeup, be sure to invest in disposable mascara and lip brushes. Sharing makeup can spread infections.

Consider going all out and asking a makeup consultant to stop by. You may also have friends who sell from one of those companies or who are beauticians themselves, and they would be glad to help the girls.

Makeover Party Favors

Some wonderful favors for this type of party are small manicure or skincare kits. You can also give out an assortment of lip balms and glosses. Consider picking up sample sizes or trial sizes at stores and bundling them together in colorful travel packs.