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Sleep Tips To Follow for Moms

Here are some tips to help your baby fall asleep:

1. Let your baby sleep alone for about six to eight weeks. Let him sleep if he is sleepy but stay awake. According to research, rocking babies to sleep or feeding them is not recommended as babies can become addicted.

2. You can make food fun and lively during the day and comfortable and quiet at night. This strategy can help you set his body clock so that your baby learns the difference between day and night. Professional advisors are the best baby sleep support to make the baby sleep better and effortlessly.

3. You can play music. Try playing your baby's favorite lullaby all the time so he can hear a familiar lullaby when he wakes up.

4. Place your baby in a comfortable crib or bed. Especially in cold weather, you can put a flannel or a warm towel over the sheets to warm them up and remove them before placing your baby on the heated sheets.

5. Reduce your baby's physical discomfort. Keep your baby's room clean of dust, as dust is known to be a common cause of stuffy noses and nighttime awakenings. Babies need to clear their nose to breathe. Although they will soon learn to take turns breathing through their mouths when their nose is blocked.

6. Most babies worry about wet diapers at night, some don't. Instead, if your baby sleeps in a wet diaper, unless your baby has a diaper rash, you don't need to wake him up. For a longer sleep, change the diaper just before feeding because the baby can fall asleep comfortably during or after feeding.

Flora Wilson