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Outdoor Home Security Systems

There are many different kinds of outdoor systems available in the marketplace. Some of them are:

Vibration sensors – This kind of sensor is either buried within the ground or mounted on the perimeter wall and sense the vibration given out when a body lands on it.

They can be configured to pick even the tiniest vibrations, but need to be configured by a very experienced expert to be of any use. It is, however, one of the most effective in the market as of now. If you want to know more about outdoor security systems, then you can also browse

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Magnetic field detectors – These systems work by installing two wires side by side along the perimeter. One gives off a magnetic field that the other one picks up. It is actually very effective, as long as you build in redundancies.

Both wires are only 5 inches apart and the simple process of jumping over them will solve matters. This, however, works very well when buried within walls or in places where intruders will have to place their foot.

Microwave sensors – They work pretty much just like the indoor systems except that they give you an invisible wall of microwave that will have to be crossed. This system is however prone to problems because bad weather can render them useless, and they also pick everything up, including low flying birds and animals.

Taut wire fence sensors –  This systems work by installing a really taut wire fencing system and embedding sensors in them. Any change in the pressure will trigger the alarm and this can be configured to ignore small pressures.

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