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Keeping Clothes And Linens Clean

You would have to bring your linen cleaned from time to time. We are not talking about scrolling and sweeping the surface every two weeks. 

We are talking about stuffing all your linens in a plastic bag and put them in the washing machine for a good rotation. You can even contact us for your linen cleaning.

Cleaning tips for clothes and sheets

Here are some cleaning products/solutions for linen:

* Whitening – Javel water is a chemical used to whiten or eliminate the color of sheets and clothes through a process called oxidation. Jeld water is considered a powerful cleaning agent and should be used with care. 

Dip a colorful shirt in a bleaching solution can damage its texture and colorful print beyond the restore. For the most part, use bleach only if necessary. Use it to eliminate difficult tasks on the linen. Follow the instructions on your bleach cleaning product to avoid damaging your laundry instead of getting clean.

* Washing machine – A washing machine is an important, if not an essential part, to clean the household. Nowadays, no one laves more linens. As usual, first, sort the laundry according to the color before putting them in the washing machine. Configure the settings as you wish. Make sure you do not apologize because it could cause a tear of household linen or colors to arrange.

* Iron – When the clothes are dried, it's time to run the iron on them to smooth the folds. Moderate heat depending on the type of linen you work. Make the iron gently, taking care to remove kinks and other inconsistencies on the fabric. Starch helps prevent folds, so use the starch if necessary.


Flora Wilson