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Importance of Primary Care Physician

General practitioners, or PCPs, are general practitioners who provide first-line care to patients with undiagnosed health problems, as well as ongoing care for a variety of medical conditions.

A PCP must have an MD, MBBS, or DO degree to be appointed a primary care physician.

General practitioners provide basic diagnosis and non-surgical treatment for common ailments and illnesses. Direct primary care doctors diagnose patients to gather information about current symptoms, past medical history, and other health details and perform a physical exam.

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A PCP is a doctor who is trained in several medical tests, such as interpretation of results from blood samples or other patients, electrocardiograms, or X-rays. If you need a complex and intensive diagnostic procedure, you should consult a specialist.

PCP guides you on safe health behaviors, treatment options, and self-care skills, and also offers screening tests and vaccinations. Therefore, each patient must first be associated with PCP. He is the primary healthcare provider in all non-emergency cases.

The roles of KDP are:

• Providing preventive measures and training on healthy living habits

• Recognition and treatment of common ailments

• Assess the urgency of your medical condition and refer you to the best place for this treatment

Primary care is usually provided on an outpatient basis. PCP allows you to build a trusting and ongoing relationship with a healthcare professional over time. There are different types of PCP to choose from depending on the conditions.

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