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How to Get a List of Family Offices

There are many options for obtaining or building a family office list. This article will focus on the latter. It may be helpful to start by explaining why these lists are so popular. 

Multi- and single family offices often manage assets in excess of $100M and are the wealthiest in the world. You can also search online to look for the services of family office money management in the US.

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A FO can be a great source of leads if you're selling an investment, a service, or are looking for a job. 

Everyone would love to work with a FO at one point or another so that they can be contacted often and searched online for every day.

There are three main ways to obtain a list of family office contacts.

1) Research: It is possible to create your own FO database. However, you should be ready to spend 100-300 hours with your team. This type of research can be difficult, time-consuming, and take several months to complete.

2) Short lists: There are some public databases that can help you start your search for FOs. These lists are available in newspapers, magazines, association’s websites and blog articles. This list may suffice if you only need a few contacts.

3) Buying a List: If your goal is to raise capital from these companies and you need to contact as many people as possible quickly, you might be better off buying a list. This will give you the complete contact information, AUM, URL and other details about these family offices. You can save time and reach more wealth management companies by purchasing a list.

These tips should help you do your research faster and more efficiently.


Flora Wilson