How Old Is Our Earth? – A Look From Historical & Genealogical Perspectives

How old is the earth? How old can the planets be? How old can other galaxies in our universe be? How long ago did dinosaurs walk the earth, or did they at all? We all have questions that we do not understand, but hear or see a show on TV, so we listen to them and try to believe what they tell us because we certainly do not have the time or expertise to pursue all the answers for ourselves, or us?

While we will discuss genealogical methods at length here, we will not investigate individual "Generating" set forth in Holy Scripture, but rather on the subject more than the overall context and logical level. As every student of Scripture realizes, the Bible contains a long pedigree. You can get the free genealogy of Jesus Christ e-chart which is available on various online sources.

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These records play an important role in the literature of the Bible, which is evident from the amount of space devoted to them in the Word of God. In addition, they also provide outstanding protection from a text in messages they send. this message: humans have been on Earth since the beginning, and that beginning is not too long.

In order for them to have the value of the evidence, the list should be substantially complete. An article on the subject of Apologetics Press continued with the following: However, some people believe is determined Bible to combine schemes dating evolution into the Word of God-has complained that the genealogy of the Bible should not be used for purposes of chronology for allegedly contains a large "gap" that makes them effective for that purpose.


Flora Wilson