History and Honors

Mnasar konali Naval Sports Club in 1347 and exclusively in soccer, with the support of Navy Karim Rastegar Rad (head of the Anzali Naval Physical Training Division) and coached by Bahman Saleh Nia (father of the sailor) who was also a sailor player, Established. Saleh Nia, who was an Anzali school sports teacher, formed the team with a group of his students. The sailor, who started his career in the country student provincial and provincial championships for a short time, made his first league debut in the country and from the very beginning attracted the attention of the public with good games and good results.

Sailor has been present in all stages of the Iranian league since the year 52 and it was only in year 75 that he first experienced relegation in the football league. The sailor crashed for the second time in 78. For the third time in 81, they fell to the first category. However, a positive record has always been recorded by sailors in Iranian soccer history. Although Sepahan and Steel took the sailors to the third step of the city’s honor platform, the sailor still holds a remarkable record in the country’s football history, winning three titles in the FA Cup and three runners-up.

In addition to the adult soccer team, the sailor currently has soccer teams for adolescent school football, youth, youth, hope and sailing, basketball and boxing, as well as women’s sailing and soccer, with more than 600 eligible youth undercover.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy is backed by its commanders, such as Amir Adriadyar Mohtaj (Honorable Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy), Commander Behzadfar (Honorable Commander of the Fourth Naval Area), former commanders of the region who are now in other ranks of the helper sailor. Safari, the Cultural Director, Sadeghpour, the Commander in Chief, and many others) have always done their best to support the Club.

Supporters of sailors in Anzali and throughout Iran and around the world have always hoped for the Navy to become more and more responsible for the sailors’ newfound honors and in doing so render no service to the sailors who consider sailors a part of their lives. And they share in its joys and sorrows.

.:. Clothing color:

1. White shirt, shorts, and socks 2. Blue shirt, shorts, and socks

.:. the stadium :

Twenty World Stadium Stadium, Capacity: 20,000

Address: Bandar Anzali, Mid-Stack, Hadian Sports Complex

.:. Honors:

1. Entry to Persepolis First Division Championships in 1351

2. Sixth place (1353), seventh (1354), seventh and best city team (1355), third and best city team (1356) in Persepolis Cup

3. First place in the second division in 1996 and 1999 and second in 2004

4. Ranked 10th in the Iranian Professional League in 2000

5. First place in the first round of the Iranian Cup (1356), first in the years 1986 and 1990, second place (1366, 1367 and 1991)

6. Third place in Unity International Cup in 1360 with the participation of Syrian, Algerian, Independence, Victory and Iranian Army teams

7. Third place in Pakistan Regional Civil Cup in 1352

8. Iran’s representative in the Asian Club Championship in 1360. In the qualifying round in Sri Lanka, the sailor team reached the top of the group with 21 goals and only one goal in three matches, but unfortunately, the next round is due to follow. International issues were not possible.

9. Iran’s Representative in the Asian Championship in 1991: Jordan’s first sailor opponent was the Armatia Jordan, who went 1-1 in Anzali despite many sailor attacks. In a back-to-back match in Jordan under heavy rain and with the worst of the hosts, both teams scored 0-0 and the sailor was eliminated. The sailor was well ahead of the opponent and a healthy Ahmedzadeh missed. announced.

10. Iran’s representative in the first Asian-African Olympics

11. Seventh in the Premier League season 1338-84 and winning the league titl